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That’s it!

After being announced by DHH at the Rails World Conf that took place in October, solid_queue is now released! DHH said it would be “a few months” in October, I did not think it would be on such short notice, it’s great news for the Rails eco-system.

Solid_queue is a DB-based queuing backend for Active Job, that can be used with SQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite. The idea behind solid_queue is to have a unique gem to manage all features that a background job processor should have (delayed jobs, concurrency controls, phasing queues, job priorities, recurring jobs, etc).

Like the good_job gem, it leverages the SKIP LOCKED clause that’s the main feature that allows using SQL databases for managing job-like tasks. This feature allows workers to fetch and lock jobs without locking other workers (more on that on this

MySQL blogpost).

Next step, release of the "Mission Control” dashboard?

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