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Lead developer Ruby on Rails at Madeinvote

January 2022 à December 2023 (2 years)

During my two years working at Madeinvote as developer, then as lead developer, I was able to take part in and lead several crucial projects for the company.

1) Building from scratch a platform for automatic construction of clients questionnaires

Initially, teams wrote their questionnaires on a Word document, which then had to be manually scripted in a survey software. This process had several shortcomings:
- The task was often time-consuming (0.5 to 1.5 man-days of scripting per questionnaire, depending on its complexity)
- Scripting added 1 to several days to the project (depending on team availability and questionnaire complexity)
- Errors could creep in when scripting the questionnaire, compromising its smooth running

In close collaboration with the team writing the questionnaires and the one scripting them, I was able to develop a platform that :
- Offers a questionnaire-writing experience similar to that offered by a Word document
- Generates a ready-to-use questionnaire from the textual questionnaire in 1 click

- Estimated savings of around 50 man-days per year at current activity levels (scalable without additional costs)
- Faster project completion
- No more manual scripting errors

2) Transfer and conversion of collected respondent data between several tools via APIs

Teams were frequently exporting/retrieving/importing data between several tools, and these manipulations were time-consuming and a source of errors.
I was able to automate these tasks, with real-time data updates between the different tools.

For example, I automated the export of respondent data from the survey software. Once exported, certain data were combined, formatted or anonymized, then exported to a data analysis software.

Technology stack: Ruby on Rails (7.x), Ruby (3.x), , PostgreSQL, Redis, StimulusJS, Gitlab, GitlabCI, Scalingo, market research tools APIs (Voxco, Dataviv, ...), Meta API

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Ruby on Rails freelance developer at Expertease

Since 2021

Development and maintenance of a legal expert search platform for a London market player (https://www.expertease.tech/)
Technology stack: Ruby on Rails (7.x), Ruby (3.x), PostgreSQL, Redis, StimulusJS, Github, GithubActions, Heroku

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Teacher @LeWagon Lyon

Since 2021

I regularly teach at the Wagon Lyon for the 'Web development' bootcamp.

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Speaker @LeWagon France

Since 2022

I speak at workshops and conferences. In particular, I run the 'How to use Github' workshop during the Career Week, and I run workshops for the general public on various subjects, such as 'Learn how to code a game with Javascript'

I also contribute to open-source projects

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Recurring contributor to active_storage_validations gem

Since 2023

Manage the backlog, solve bugs, add new features